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Is it currently not possible for your colleagues to personally solve the problems that arise?

Does everyone work from home? Does everyday work require urgent digital processes?

Is it very time-consuming to introduce new solutions, not to mention their search?

Do you need a system to bridge this situation right away?

Are you having teleworking problems?

An IT service needs to be deployed immediately, but there is no server available?


Aloha Informatics Ltd. will do its best to assist its Partners in the business environment that has changed due to the measures taken against the COVID-19. In accordance with the measures announced by the Government of Hungary, all our employees are currently working remotely and limiting their company and personal travels for the next few weeks.

In addition to the expected caution and protection, our priority is to provide all assistance to our customers to get through the next period with as few losses as possible.

We know that you have recently faced serious challenges and difficulties. We would like to share our considerable experience in teleworking with you, so we can bring to your attention our solutions that can deliver results quickly, even int he next week. Our list is far from complete, with regard to our full list of services, please contact our colleagues with confidence!

"If we cannot change to online management right now only struggle going to follow."

Software Solutions

 Controlled document acceptance from home

Our dynamic, quick-configure workflow solution enables you to manage internal processes, including sharepoint online.

With our paremeterable, ready-made framework, our modules allow you to quickly digitally reproduce your exact processes, even with document editing based on groupgroup Microsoft technologies.

The system can support the following task groups, among other things, but most of its own other processes can be easily configured.


   # Remotely edit and review offers

   # Approve invoices, certificates of performance, even from mobile

   # Approval of contracts, circulation

   # Issuing and adopting work instructions

   # Communicate and co-edit new policies


 Instant, remote task management

Our solution allows you to easily assign tasks to your colleagues and verify that they are performed without a personal presence, among other things.
In addition, your colleagues can share your thoughts or pass on the task to each other.
Tasks can be stitched together, with deadlines, or incoming e-mail messages can be automatically converted to tasks.
Overall, we have a ready-made web-based ticketing solution that we can introduce at short notice, even from the cloud, without a personal presence.

E-commerce in the focus

We have been able to support the strengthening of your market presence by introducing our well-functioning, flexible, rapidly customizable webshop application.

Microsoft SharePoint and Effector based developments

Changing circumstances and changing processes may justify the use of individual developments. In the framework of individual software development, our colleagues are at your disposal to make the desired changes. If a completely new software version is needed with our rapid development tool at short notice, please feel free to contact us.

Other Solutions 

IT consulting: remote access focus

On request, our colleagues will help you build a well-functioning telework system, including moving your local existing databases and software to the cloud, so that you can access them remotely without a separate device or software. We also help you build remote access to your existing ground infrastructure.

Create and integrate infrastructure elements 

If you don't have the right hardware or a virtual machine, but you need infrastructure right away, we'll create it and add new elements to your existing infrastructure if you need it.

Contact us!

If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us at the following contact details:
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